Databases, GIS and Graphics

Our database specialists provide sophisticated database design, historic data compilation, database validation and scripting help to organize workflows and analyze your data. From site planning to report figures, marketing graphics, the GIS, Graphics team work closely with clients and project managers to help you get the most from your exploration datasets. Our services include:

  • Database analysis and validation
  • Geodatabase design and implementation
  • Customized database queries, plots, analyses and models
  • MX Deposit setup and managament
  • Assay data QA/QC and validation
  • 2D and 3D visualization of data, from field samples to drill holes
  • Data analysis, output, production and compilation
  • Georeferencing and digitizing
  • Spatial analysis and statistics
  • Marketing and presentation graphics and maps
  • Site plan, reference and reporting figures 

Database Services:

  • Data compilation, database design, and data validation
  • Custom designed forms for input of drill hole logging and samples
  • Data capture, georeferencing and digitization
  • Specialized queries, scripts and machine learning algorithms
  • Spatial analysis and geostatistics
  • Data validation for NI 43-101 compliant resources and models
  • QAQC and quality control monitoring