Exploration Data Analytics | Machine Learning

Mercator utilizes advanced exploration data analytics to  develop deposit specific algorithms for advanced predictability and prospectivity modelling, suitable for all stages of an exploration project. This involves the use of multi-element geochemical data, advanced geochemical methods, and mathematical algorithms to assess client databases. The results can identify mineral specific exploration vectors that can be modelled in Leapfrog for target generation and 3D visualization.

Machine Learning involves the development and optimization of the logical workflow (sampling, training, testing, application) and the scripting of an algorithm. Artificial Intelligence (AI) products make it possible to maximize the value of a dataset by carrying out an in-depth analysis, determining the quality of the data and its ability to create a predictive image.

Data Services Include:

  • Development of deposit specific algorithms
  • Processing of spatial and non-spatial data
  • Advanced geochemicstry including Principal Component Analysis
  • Machine Learning and scripting of algorithms
  • Artificial Intelligence products and services
  • Database design, capture and analytics
  • Portable XRF (pXRF) data capture and analysis
  • Predictability and prospectivity modelling
  • 3D data modeling and analysis