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Professional Geologists and Technical Specialists Offering a Full Range of Mineral Exploration Services

Mineral Project Management

Professional geologists with over 25 years of global mineral exploration experience including advanced geological assessment, program design and management, technical reporting (NI 43-101), data validation, QAQC and project review.

Mineral Deposit Modelling

Utilizing Leapfrog® and Surpac™, we can transform your geological, structural and analytics data into an interactive 3D model for drill hole planning and data visualization.

Mineral Resource Estimation

Extensive expertise in Mineral Resource Estimation combines our strengths in structural and ore deposit geology, advanced geochemistry and geostatistics.

Data Analytics and Machine Learning

Through advanced data analysis, geochemistry, and machine learning algorithms we analyze and model data to develop prospective exploration targets.

GIS Mapping and Databases

Our staff can provide sophisticated analysis, data compilation and database development to help you get the most from your exploration data.

NI 43-10 Regulatory Compliance

Leading experts in NI 43-101, Capital Markets, Canadian Mining Disclosure Standards and compliance with TSX, TSE.V and CSE stock exchange rules and listing requirements.

Clients and Partnerships

“Mercator has completed several geological mapping projects for us in recent years at various quarries in Nova Scotia. Their thorough field work and detailed mapping have been a great assistance in our quarry extraction planning. I would highly recommend them.”

Gavin Isenor, P.Geo.

Property Manager – Aggregates
Dexter Construction Company Limited
Part of The Municipal Group of Companies

"Mercator’s highly-skilled professionals caters to our project by offering quick access to highly trained professionals with diverse expertise to meet our growing needs.”

Jeff Burke, P.Geo

Avalon Gold

"Mercator are top-notch professionals who push the envelope to advance our projects using geoscience, technology and hard work."

Regan Isenor, CEO

MegumaGold Corp.

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